• How does it work?
    Loaders collect parcels from parcel Sharers to be delivered to a destination as specified by those parcel Sharers
  • How do I get started?
    You need to register first (email address and valid physical address are needed) - all registered users will automatically be "Sharer's" - this entitles you to upload a parcel to the site and allow someone (Loader) to collect it for delivery to an end point of your choice.
  • What’s the difference between a “Loader” and a “Sharer”?
    A Loader is someone who collects parcels needing delivery that have posted on the site.
    A Sharer is someone who needs to share their parcels to be delivered to a destination that they have specified
  • How do I use the service
    • Sharer
      • Register as a Sharer
      • take a picture of the item and
      • post the item online under "Share a parcel" (capture as many details as possible)
      • wait for a loader to message you that they are willing to accept the route and dates you specified
    • Loader
      • Register as a Sharer - upgrade the account to Loader status (note you wont lose sharer status)
      • Add license authentication code obtained from DVLA website - this is needed to ensure driver validity
      • search for parcels on route to your next destination by entering your start and end postcodes
      • select the most convenient parcel wait for a loader to message you that they are willing to accept the route and dates you specified.
  • As a sharer can I cancel a parcel I have uploaded?
    You may cancel the item and receive a full refund up and until the time a Loader has made an offer to collect the item you have posted
  • As a Sharer How many parcels can I upload?
    you can upload as many as you need delivered
  • As a Loader why do I need to authenticate through DVLA
    This is to ensure that you are who you say you are
  • Do you store any drivers license information
    We don's store any drivers licence information - only the personal details you have entered - please read through our Privacy Policy
  • As a loader can I select more than one parcel?
    currently we are only managing single Sharer parcels per Loader journey.
  • What do you if I have a problem with the delivery or collection?
    You can contact us I through the internal messaging system. This is accessible by clicking on the messaging button in the menu only when you are logged in. All messages are logged and recorded.