• How does it work?
    You collect parcels from people who have posted them online, and then delivet these parcels to a destination as specified by those senders.
  • How do I get started?
    You need to register first (email address and valid physical address are needed) - all registered users will automatically be eligible to send a parcel by uploading parcel details and a picture to the site and then allow someone to collect it for delivery to the end point of your choice as you have specified. Additionally if you also would like to earn money from delivering parcels you will need an extra step of license validation.
  • How do I use the service
    • Sender
      • Register as a sender (Signup)
      • take a picture of the item and
      • post the item online under "Send a parcel" (capture as many details as possible).
      • wait for a loader to message you that they are willing to accept the route and dates you specified.
    • Deliverer
      • Register on the website as normal - fulfil additional security checks to allow you to collect goods (note you will still be able to send items too);
      • Complete additional security checks through approved third party - this is needed to ensure driver validity;
      • Search for parcels on route to your next destination by entering your start and end postcodes;
      • Select the most convenient parcel and agree to collect it;
      • You will receive an email to let you know if the sender has agreed to, and are willing to accept the route and dates you specified.

      • As a Deliverer
        • You take full responsibility for goods transported.
        • You will be responsible for all revenue and income taxes within your country.
        • You will ensure you have the required insurance in place for transit of goods.
  • Can I cancel a parcel I've uploaded?
    You may cancel the item and receive a partial refund (Excluding LoadShare Listing Fee) up till the time you have accepted an offer made to deliver the parcel.
  • How many parcels can I upload?
    You can upload as many as you need delivered.
  • Why do I need additional authentication?
    This is to ensure that you are a valid driver and that you are the same person you portray to be.
  • Do you store any drivers license information?
    We don't store any drivers licence information - only the personal details you have entered - please read through our Privacy Policy
  • As a loader can I select more than one parcel?
    Currently we are only managing single parcels per journey but are looking in to consolidation and combining of parcels and routes.
  • What do you if I have a problem with the delivery or collection?
    You can contact us I through the internal messaging system. This is accessible by clicking on the "Report issue" button on the job you're having problems with. All messages are logged and recorded.

    For everything else, you can contact us Here